Free Pharos Response Training for AIM Members – Registration required

The team at Pharos Response is delivering some additional free hour-long training sessions open to AIM Members.  Please find below training topics and links for you to register.

Please note that you will need a Zoom account to register so if ‘your email is not authorised’, this is because you do not have a Zoom account. Simply set one up in 2 minutes for free using the Zoom ‘sign up for free’ link at the top of the registration page. You will only need to do this once.

How best to manage social media in a critical incident
February 26th 1600
What to include in a first aid kit? Insights from a doctor with significant adventure & travel experience
March 21st 1600
What lessons can we learn from critical incident case studies in the adventure / travel sector?
April 16th 1600
To register, please visit this link and scroll right down to the bottom for the Zoom links.

Any problems or questions with registration, please contact the Pharos team at [email protected].