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We have a number of Members who operate cycling and mountain bike trails and tours, we even have some BMX parks now.    Here’s a look at the Top 5 UK cycling destinations to inspire you. We can offer providers cover for Public Liability, Employer’s Liability and equipment cover.  If your business is registered in the UK then we can assist. Please speak to us about a quotation.

Yorkshire Dales

Road cycling in Yorkshire is renowned for its wild scenery, tough riding but welcoming hospitality and the real sense of a cycling community. It has grown in reputation over the last 10 years to be known as one of the best areas of not only the UK but Europe to visit and ride a bike.

Climb the likes of the Cote de Buttertubs, Grinton Moor and Lofthouse fueled on the local delicacy of Wensleydale cheese and Fat Rascals.

Lake District

The Lake District in Cumbria is one of the most beautiful places to ride a bike in the UK, but it is also one of the toughest. Mention the names Hardknott Pass, Kirkstone Pass or the aptly named Struggle and you are sure to get a large intake of breath but also a look of excitement from any roadie mates.


Cycling in Cornwall offers a rider an overwhelming sensory sensation – sandy beaches, sunny weather, a soft sea breeze in your face whilst you roll through the quiet country lanes flourishing with wild flowers. The breath-taking landscape allows you to part forgive the area for the punishing inclines that you get on the coastal roads, as you ride into the pretty little coves and harbours, and inevitably have to clamber back out.

Peak District

The Peak District is England’s oldest national park, designated as such in 1951, and ever since then it has been a haven for cyclists.

Being named the Peak District, you won’t be surprised that there are quite a lot of hills to climb. You can still find some more ‘gentle’ cycling routes to do if you don’t quite fancy slogging up the hills all day, but if you are a bit of a mountain goat, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. Not only are the hills plentiful, some of them are also incredibly steep. Find yourself at the foot of Winnats Pass and you will have really earned your Bakewell pudding from one of the numerous tea & cake shops enroute.

Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons national park, located in South Wales offers everything from charming and lively market towns, to high peaks with incredible views of the Welsh countryside and Black Mountains.

It is a microcosm of everything that makes Wales wonderful. Cloud-piercing peaks and high road passes look down upon the meandering rivers and waterways that pierce through the lush valleys.

Whether you are there for a full week or just a quick weekend break you will enjoy every minute of the famous Welsh hospitality and amazing countryside.


Mountbatten Watersports & Activities Centre – Member Profile

Established in 1999 on the site of a former RAF base in Plymouth, the Mount Batten Watersports and Activities Centre is one of the foremost Outdoor Education centres in the South West.

Adventure RMS Safety Update – Capsize of traditional sailing vessel

A traditional gaff rigged Norfolk Broads sailing vessel (cabin boat) recently capsized while being used on a cruise for young people.

Capsize of these craft is highly unusual but, as events have now proved, not unforeseeable.

Events –

The boat appears to have emerged from the shelter of a treelined stretch of water to experience the full force of the wind, at the same time as a stronger gust occurred. The boat reportedly behaved more like a dinghy than a yacht and capsized and then sank very quickly, putting everyone in the water.

Issues raised –

The incident highlights some important safety management questions for providers using these, or similar craft –

  1. All watercraft can capsize given the ‘right’ conditions – do your procedures take this into account?
  2. What type of personal flotation devices do you use and how are they used? Do your safety management arrangements consider the possibility of crew being inside the cabin of a capsized cruiser wearing a buoyancy aid or an auto inflating life jacket?
  3. Do your emergency arrangements allow for communication devices to be available and effective should all the crew be in the water?
  4. In complex areas of inland water, like the Norfolk Broads, do you have emergency arrangements that allow participants to know where they are at any time and how to direct emergency services to the nearest useable access point?

Coasteering Challenge at Land & Wave

Many of you who attended the AIM Member Event in March would have heard and been inspired by our keynote speaker that day, Amar Latif.

Amar Latif

Blindness did not prevent Amar Latif from pursuing a successful corporate career, but when he struggled to find a travel company that supported his independence and love of travel and exploration, he started his own. His award-winning Traveleyes business brings blind and sighted travellers together, sharing experiences around the world. Amar’s passion for travelling as well as his openness, positivity and determination has also made him a popular TV presenter and guest, with appearances from River Walks to Celebrity MasterChef to The Last Leg and the One Show. He considers why we see obstacles instead of opportunities, how passion will always overcome fear, and what happens when we look at the world differently. In 2023 Amar received an OBE for services to the visually impaired and entrepreneurship.

After his inspiring talk many Members wanted to know more about Amar and how they could adapt their activity offering.

Member Focus

One such event will take place on the 22nd June with AIM Member Land & Wave, AIM’s Mutual Manager Sophia Reed and Amar.

Land & Wave will take Sophia & Amar to Dancing Ledge in Swanage a beautiful spot known to coasteering providers. Dancing Ledge is a flat area of rock at the base of a small cliff on the Jurassic Coast. It is called Dancing Ledge because at certain tidal conditions, the waves wash over the horizontal surface and the movement of the water makes the ledge appear to dance.

Sophia will act as Amar’s sighted guide while coasteering at the ledge.  At the same time, one of Land & Wave’s apprentice instructors Verity will take part in a blindfolded coasteer to raise funds for The Dorset Blind Association, which is a local charity providing services, support and advice to visually impaired people throughout Dorset.

How you can help –
You can donate to Verity’s Just Giving page here.

If you would love to hear more about Amar’s award winning Traveleyes company please visit the website.

Group Holidays for Blind & Sighted Travellers | Share the Adventure! (

*Land & Wave are a company member of the National Coasteering Charter and the leading instructors taking part are NCC Guide qualified.

We are very much looking forward to seeing the pictures and hearing all about it.

Sustainable Outdoor Travel Destinations in Europe

There is something exciting about planning a holiday but keeping everyone happy can be a juggling act.  The active 9 year old who loves adrenaline and adventure should be easy to please!  It struck me that there is one question we should all be asking ourselves and that is how sustainable our travel choices and holidays are. Queue lots of head scratching and getting lost down some internet black holes looking for the answers.

I can’t say I found the solution, but I did find this article from Suston which gives us the lowdown on sustainable outdoor travel destinations in Europe.  There seemed to be some fabulous suggestions for us to consider, but how sustainable is it really if I have to travel there from the UK.?

I thought about all the Members who provide outdoor activities in many locations in the UK and abroad and wondered if your business model has changed and if you now branch out into Europe with your offering?

Is the quest to be sustainable a key part to your business planning?

Are we all doing our bit by visiting these destinations or should we all be staying much closer to home?

If you are offering activities in Europe or beyond please remember to let us know so we can update your cover requirements.  Your business must be registered and recognised as UK domiciled business.

Please email our underwriting team [email protected] if you have any questions

Article by Karen Hensing in Suston (Sustainable Outdoor News)



Please email [email protected] with your suggestions I can’t wait to hear them.

Sunguarding Outdoors – Raising awareness

Being active outdoors is important for our health and wellness, as is being adequately sun protected. Sunguarding Outdoors is a NEW campaign for people either working or enjoying the outdoors, groups, and clubs, to help keep everyone sun safe.

Sunguarding-Outdoors – Melanoma Fund UK (

Some really useful information can be found here which gives details of a free online course for protecting people working in the outdoors and it’s also accredited by Institute for Outdoor Learning.

For those working with primary school children this site also offers people the chance to sign up to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code.  This is a free accreditation campaign for all groups and individuals working with children outdoors.

Make sure your risk assessments are updated to reflect changes in temperature when taking customers out on activities.

Incident Check List – HCR Law

Our colleagues at HCR Law are helpful in providing risk management and expert help post incident.  They have provided us with the attached incident checklist that gives you some top tips on what to cover in incident witness statements.

HCR_AIM incident checklist


Electric Bike Theft

Our claims team are always on hand to help you in the event of a claim and we endeavour to keep Members updated with trends or areas of concern.

We have seen a recent increase in thefts of e-bikes from Members premises where property is broken into and bikes are loaded onto vehicles and stolen.  We are aware this is lucrative business as many can be sold on either in their entirety or for parts.

In total more than 60,000 bikes were stolen in the UK in 2023 (64,201).

Members who rent/hire e-bikes may be at a higher risk when it comes to stock being stolen.  Members that offer this as part of their business should check their security measures and be extra vigilant due to the number of recent thefts we have seen.

Even bikes stored in locked containers are not safe from determined gangs as we have been informed.  If you rent/hire e-bikes as part of your business please make sure you have

  1. Provided full details of the number of bikes and value on your property cover.
  2. Ensure your security measures are adequate.
  3. You may be asked by our Underwriting department to reassess the security measures in place and to do this as a matter of good risk management.
  4. Inform us immediately if you have a claim.

Police Data Reveals Rise of E-Bike Theft — evolve (

Scout Expedition Inquest

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