Electric Bike Theft

Our claims team are always on hand to help you in the event of a claim and we endeavour to keep Members updated with trends or areas of concern.

We have seen a recent increase in thefts of e-bikes from Members premises where property is broken into and bikes are loaded onto vehicles and stolen.  We are aware this is lucrative business as many can be sold on either in their entirety or for parts.

In total more than 60,000 bikes were stolen in the UK in 2023 (64,201).

Members who rent/hire e-bikes may be at a higher risk when it comes to stock being stolen.  Members that offer this as part of their business should check their security measures and be extra vigilant due to the number of recent thefts we have seen.

Even bikes stored in locked containers are not safe from determined gangs as we have been informed.  If you rent/hire e-bikes as part of your business please make sure you have

  1. Provided full details of the number of bikes and value on your property cover.
  2. Ensure your security measures are adequate.
  3. You may be asked by our Underwriting department to reassess the security measures in place and to do this as a matter of good risk management.
  4. Inform us immediately if you have a claim.

Police Data Reveals Rise of E-Bike Theft — evolve (