James Willis Retires

James and our Chairman Andrew Gardiner in the Cairngorms

James Willis has been a very valued member of the AIM team at Regis since AIM’s inception and we are truly sorry to see him leave.  He will be enjoying a very well deserved retirement from the end of January 2021.  We did not wish to let this event pass without recognising the tremendous impact and contribution which James has made to the Mutual.

James was instrumental in recognising the difficulties facing activity providers in obtaining liability cover back in 2004.  To address the “high risk” image insurers had attached to the adventure sector at that time, he conducted a risk assessment survey of all AALA licenced providers which provided the data  for insurers to take a more fact based approach to the sector and as a result, the AIM project was born!  James moved to Regis in 2008 once critical mass had been achieved and AIM was established as a fully functioning mutual.

He has been a very valued member of the team here and is well known to many of the Members, having been a regular visitor to Members’ sites for visits, renewal discussions, claims investigations and to meet Members.  His role has allowed him to enjoy and participate in a wide variety of activities and we hope that he will find time to carry on enjoying these, as well as finding new challenges.

We will all miss him but wish him the very best for a long and happy his retirement.   Thank you James!!