Benefits of the Mutual – Facts

We started thinking about what makes us different to a traditional insurance provider and why should activity providers consider us over any other, lets face it there’s plenty of options out there.

Here’s just a few benefits of being part of the Mutual.

  • AIM is a Mutual – like a co operative where the Mutual is owned by the Members, for the Members.  Membership offers a network of likeminded providers working towards a common goal.  Members connect with each other to help resolve specific issues or questions.
  • The Members answer to the Members rather than to shareholders of insurance companies looking for large profits.

  • The Mutual is run by a small, dedicated and experienced team and overseen by a Board of Directors all of whom come from the activities industry.
  • AIM’s cover is cost effective and of high quality, tailored specifically to our Members’ needs.

  • AIM is the cover provider that works in partnership with some of the leading industry bodies such as the ABC, IOL, AHOEC, CLOtC & NCC in order to support the various sectors and maintain the high standards for the industry.
  • We provide in house onsite tailored training for Members and their staff on a range of issues including Accident Reporting, Claims Defensibility, Risk Management and Lessons Learned as well as advice on Risk Assessments and Operating Procedures.
  • AIM’s Mutual Manager is a solicitor with 24 years’ experience in defending personal injury claims.  As such we have great in house expertise in risk management and claims defensibility and so work closely with Members on these issues, which stands us apart from our competitors.
  • We handle claims in house and take a strong stance where liability is in dispute, rather than settling on economic grounds as many insurers do.  We consider this helps protect your reputation and brand as well as the integrity of the activity sectors and whole industry.
  • To assist with the many challenges your business faces, the Mutual has partnered with ARAG plc to provide Legal Expenses cover.  This is included with your Membership and provides professional legal and financial support as well as counselling services for staff and their families on any issues they may face and has been utilised by a growing number of Members to help staff mental health.
  • AIM fought for its Members to ensure payments for COVID Business Interruption were paid, when other insurers didn’tTo date, payments total over £4m.  These have ensured that businesses have been kept afloat and able to continue as well as helping the activity sector recover.
  • We love seeing our Members!  We regularly visit them including for renewal meetings, training sessions, or just on request.
  • As an AIM Member, you are eligible for a share of the underwriting profits in years where a surplus is made and a payment distribution is agreed by the AIM Board

What are you waiting for?  call us or complete the proposal form here and one of our small but dedicated team will get back to you.

We know you won’t regret it that’s why so many of our Members renew with us year after year!


AIM On Target Newsletter – January 2023

We are pleased to share the latest edition of our On Target Newsletter for 2023 packed with articles from the outdoor sector and providing updates on the Mutual, our supporting insurer QBE and Thomas Miller.  There is a legal update from our colleagues at Ince and we profile two fabulous Members Ourea Events and RAW Adventures & RAW Expeditions.

So do grab a cuppa and dive in we hope you enjoy it.

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Protected: Global Butterflies LGBTQI+ Session

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AIM Message from our Chairman – AIM has new Management Company


Dear Member

You may recall that I wrote to you all in July to advise that AIM would be moving from Regis Mutual Management Ltd to a new home with Thomas Miller.  I am delighted to confirm that this move has now taken place, and I wanted to reassure you all that as far as Members are concerned, you should not notice any difference at all in the service you receive from the AIM Team, nor any changes to the way your renewals are handled.

All covers and the great level of service the AIM team provides will remain the same and we are still firmly backed by QBE as the Mutual’s Supporting Insurer.

The core team remain the same, headed up by Sophia and assisted by Ralph; Cathy continues in Marketing, with Liz, Brad, Amy and Mark handling your renewals and cover enquiries.  Ben remains in Claims and can be contacted should that need arise.

Email addresses for the team have changed to “first name.last [email protected]  but the team will be contacting you as usual when it comes to time to renew your covers.   This is an exciting new chapter for the Mutual and the team.  Rest assured that AIM remains strong and firmly committed to its Members.

You can still email [email protected] if you have any general queries.

Thank you

Bob Edwards

Chairman of AIM



AIM celebrates 1,000 Members!

Message from our Chairman

We thank Andrew Gardiner for all his hard word and dedication to the Mutual and its Members.

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Public Liability Claims – Defence success for Member

We think it is important to publish details of judgement’s in Public Liability trial cases so that the Mutual and Members can use this valuable lessons learned information.  It also demonstrates that the Mutual will try to defend liability claims where it feels appropriate.  The details below have been provided by our legal colleagues at Clyde & Co who successfully defended this case.


The claimant, aged 14, suffered from Laurence Moon Beidl Syndrome which affected his eyesight. He was registered partially blind. The claimant often attended Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind  (“SRSB” – 1st defendant) for after school club and activities. SRSB took the claimant for a bouldering session at the premises of (“the Centre” – 2nd defendant).

Circumstances of Claim

Once at the Centre the claimant participated in warm up activities and then climbed one of the junior boulders. He did so with minimal assistance though he needed some help to get over the top of the wall. The wall had an enclosed chute/slide, which was popular with children, and which offered a means of descent. The chute was known to be fast. The claimant was instructed to slide down the chute and upon reaching the ground, he injured his ankle.

It was the claimant’s case that the enclosed chute was not safe for him, as his condition meant that his eyesight significantly worsened in dim conditions and that in going down the chute he had become disorientated.


It was accepted by all parties that the specifics of the claimant’s condition were not made known to the Centre staff, though the Centre knew he had a visual impairment. Visually impaired clients had used the chute in the past with no incidents, though the number was small.

The claimant alleged that the SRSB – 1st Defendant’s risk assessment in relation to the activity was inadequate and that a suitable assessment would have shown that the chute was not safe for this particular claimant. The Court agreed. Furthermore, the judge held that had the Centre instructors known that the chute was likely to disorientate the claimant, an alternative method of descent from the boulder wall could have been offered. The Court held that the Centre was not obliged by law to proactively enquire about the claimant’s condition and that it was entitled to rely on SRSB – 1st Defendant to draw any specific matters to the Centre’s attention.

The claimant was therefore successful in his claim against SRSB – 1st Defendant but unsuccessful against the Centre.

If you have any questions or queries about Public Liability cover and or the way the Mutual handles claims please get in touch.

Details of Clyde & Co : [email protected]



BeVenturesome – Member Profile