Team AIM (James, Sophia, Liz and Liz’s husband Andy) were delighted to be part of the group of walkers climbing Snowdon on the 7th April to support Jet and Kim from Adventure Beyond and raise funds in memory of their daughter Kiara.  Jet and Kim have set up a trust in Kiara’s name to support organisations who offer support to bereaved families, particularly those who use the positive benefits of the outdoors to achieve this.

We met in the car park and set off at 8.45am along the Pyg track for the 7 mile ascent, with views of the Llanberis valley, which quickly disappeared as we reached the cloud and the snowline.  Conditions underfoot were good but soon became slippery with compacted snow on the trail.  Some of the walkers left the group at the marker where the Pyg and Miners’ trails met and descended via the lakes.  We carried on up and stopped for a snack in the snow to assess the conditions, before deciding to push on to try to reach the summit.  The trail becomes quite narrow and we zig zagged our way up, avoiding the snow where possible.  As we came out on the saddle and turned left, the mist cleared and we saw the summit!  It was a short ascent up to the marker and we were rewarded with clear blue sky and glorious views all around.  Time taken 2.5 hours plus a 20 minute snack stop!

Having taken in the view, as well as lots of photos, we headed down in the now warm sunshine along the Miners’ track, passing the three lakes.  The trail starts off fairly steeply and is narrow but then widens out becoming a gravel track passing the three lakes and an abandoned mine site and house.   We reached the car park 2.5 hours after leaving the top, with gorgeous views of the summit we had scaled.  8.5 miles walked, 1085 metres climbed in 5 hours by 4 happy climbers.  A great day for a great cause!  Thank you so much to everyone who supported us.  We have raised almost £900!