Outdoor Education Line

AIM Member, Releasing Potential and the UK Outdoors organisation, have offered the attached poster for use which uses the idea that as we travel from birth to adulthood, Outdoor Education can play an key role in someone being able to positively contribute to society.  The train line analogy explains the journey we go on when engaged with the outdoors and the consequences of either engaging with or not engaging with nature.

Please share, include in your website, print it off or ask Releasing Potential or a copy to help promote the importance of Outdoor Education Centres. This was produced in support of the campaign #saveoutdoored, and supporting the work of UK Outdoors (https://ukoutdoors.org.uk/).

If you do share it, use it or have comment we would appreciate any feedback that you may have.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.