Business Interruption – Claims Information

Dear Member

Thank you for bearing with us as we discussed with the Supporting Insurers the evidence required to establish a case of Covid-19 being at the premises for cover to be afforded and a claim to be submitted.

Supporting insurers have now agreed that satisfactory proof of any of the following will be accepted as evidence that a staff member or visitor who was at the premises between the 5th and 26th March 2020 had symptoms:-

  • Staff sickness record
  • GP sickness certificate
  • Self certification for absence from work
  • Log of a call to GP to report symptoms/seek advice
  • GP entry in medical records to confirm symptoms and duration and advice given
  • Log of a call to NHS 111 to report symptoms/seek advice
  • Admission to Hospital with Covid-19 symptoms
  • Positive Covid-19 test result (albeit testing may have been very limited in March 2020)
  • A signed witness statement confirming symptoms, length of symptoms and duration of illness period, details of length of absence from work, return date to work and medical assistance sought together with supporting evidence.

You do not need to provide evidence of all of the above; if you produce satisfactory evidence of one, that will suffice.

If you are able to produce evidence to support a case at the premises, please send details to [email protected] so we can process your claim and then seek further information from you regarding financial losses.