Following a number of providers receiving their AALA licence renewal notice, questions have been raised about the need to pay a fee to the UK Government when limited to no income has been generated from the provision of adventurous activities by many providers. UKOutdoors have approached HSE for clarification.

In summary, there is no option to defer or suspend the licence fee whilst still providing the inspection service and issuing licences, as the requirement to pay the fee is written into the AALA legislation (Regulation 4.c.).  Changing this would require a change in the legislation.

When a license holder gets their renewal notice it includes an invitation for them to ring the HSE team if they think they’re going to have problems renewing and a number have done so over the past 10 months.  There are a couple of suspension options available to the HSE but they are dependent on a full understanding of implications for the provider, require the licence not to be a 3 year one and can only be applied if the provider is approaching renewal anyway.

Providers are encouraged to contact the HSE team when their renewal notice arrives and they consider a suspension of the licence and its fee may be an appropriate option, or simply would like advice on licence renewal.

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