Pharos Response provides affordable and practical support with robust call handling solutions for your incident reporting and crisis management needs.  AIM offers Pharos Response at a heavily reduced annual fee of £125+VAT (usually £995+VAT) This price is only available to AIM Members and provides access to the service for a period of 12 months.  You can register at any point, not just when you renew your cover with AIM.

What is the service and how does it work?

Upon registering Pharos ask you to complete a bespoke adventure activities online crisis management audit.  They then prepare a report with some key recommendations to consider and help improve your resilience or readiness.  They also securely store all your procedures and contact details on file to ensure they are ready to help as soon as needed.

The team of specialists on standby can help depending on the nature of your incident, including:

    • Highly experienced operational specialists
    • Highly experienced PR & communications specialists
  • Trauma counselling specialists
  • Travel doctor available to provide telemedicine advice
  • Fast deployment team with varying specialities and locations who can quickly be on site to provide field support
  • High volume call handling facility for press, customers or concerned family as required

What you get:

  • Upon subscription, a bespoke online adventure activity major incident audit and report of current procedures and resilience
  • A dedicated AIM 24/7 emergency number which will take you through to an experienced Pharos Safety incident handler to provide immediate and specialist advice and support. They will offer immediate safety and security containment advice and help prepare an action plan
  • This number can also be given to staff working in the field to call in the event of an emergency to reinforce your internal duty system
  • 24/7 access to Pharos Safety’s expertise for strategic operational or communications advice
  • Access to a high volume in-bound call handling capability in the event of a major incident
  • Access to specialist trauma counselling and telemedicine services
  • Quarterly industry specific safety bulletins
  • Annual fee includes 1 hour of telephone consultancy per Member (additional free hour’s consultancy for all Members who attend an AIM sponsored Pharos Safety training course)
  • All of the administration and preparation to help you quickly in the event that you need it.

Why should I sign up?

We all know that the likelihood of emergencies happening is slight but the cost of being sufficiently prepared for handling them ourselves is often prohibitive. In reality, most small/medium sized organisations can’t afford to have people on call just in case – someone experienced to manage the operational aspects of an incident, someone to advise on PR, numerous incident handlers to make things happen and of course people to continue running the day to day business.

The process of registering with Pharos Safety’s 24/7 service helps to ensure you are ready for a major incident. And you’ll probably sleep sounder at night during your peak delivery periods knowing help is at hand if you need it!

* Please note that Pharos services do not extend to property related emergencies such as burst pipes etc, only for incidents or crises that may have a reputational impact on your organisation.

How do I sign up?

At any time email quoting AIM Discount Code “AIM125”.  Your log-in to the Online Audit will be sent with your invoice.  Upon receipt of payment, your audit results and report will be sent to you, along with your new member pack with your AIM Emergency Number cards.