We are pleased to report that we have been engaged in detailed discussions with the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) about the provision of appropriate liability cover for its members.  These discussions reflect the common aspirations for the sector that IOL & AIM hold, and follow the withdrawal of JLT Thistle’s Adventure Activity insurance scheme previously available to IOL members.

As both organisations are driven by their membership and by their wish to see continued and improved public confidence in Outdoor Learning, a close working relationship between IOL and AIM is a natural alliance.  By increasing the level of common membership between IOL and AIM both organisations are seeking to continue to develop good risk management in the sector and better management of the outcomes of incidents and accidents.

AIM was established to provide a stable and sustainable alternative to the conventional insurance sector, in response to the difficulties faced by many activity providers when liability cover became prohibitively expensive, and in some cases unavailable, during the last hard insurance market cycle. AIM is wholly focussed on the outdoor sector, its Board is drawn from its membership, and the Directors are experienced outdoors practitioners. AIM provides cover for liability and property risks, has been a regular exhibitor and supporter at IOL events, and many IOL members already have their cover with AIM.